Where to eat around Fethiye

Fethiye and its surrounding area have long been visited by travellers and tourists. There are plenty of cuisines available in this region but here I have concentrated primarily on the restaurants I have found reliable, over several years, in providing good authentic Turkish food. Oh ok, and one (Turkish) Italian restaurant.

Cinbal’s, Kayakoy

Cinbal’s (pronounced Gin-balz) in Kayakoy is one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in the area. The very direct tag line on their sign “Kendin pisir, kendin ye” gets me every time. It means “Cook it yourself, eat it yourself!” Seating is outdoors in summer, in a hidden garden. There are even trees to tie your dog to. Mine used to love being tossed the bones! You can choose a normal dining table set-up or a Turkish divan with a low table and lounging cushions (perfect for that holiday indulgence!) You order your meat by weight and then any starters, salads or drinks you require. Staff then bring you a small barbecue and your food, which you cook yourself.

Grilling dinner at Cinbal’s Kebab Salonu, Kayakoy, Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye Fish market

The Fish Market in Fethiye (pictured above) is a very atmospheric place to eat. It is best in the evening when the local fishermen have all returned from a day at sea laden with fresh fish. The set-up is simple. The fishermen sell their fish from a stall in the centre of the courtyard. You can take it home to cook yourself or you can choose one of the four restaurants in the courtyard, in which case just pay the fisherman and indicate which restaurant you are going to. He will prepare the fish and then send it to the restaurant, usually via a small boy. The restaurant will then cook it and serve it to you with whatever starters, salads, drinks you require. Several of Fethiye’s street vendors pass through each evening and watch out for the cats hiding up trees, hoping to get their paws on the scraps, or your dinner, they’re not fussy.

Fresh fish and seafood at Fethiye Fish Market, Turkey

Megri Lokantasi, Fethiye

Megri (pronounced ‘merry’) restaurant, in Fethiye’s Paspatur district, is a fantastic restaurant which has been trading a reliably long time. You can choose traditional food from the menu or if you’re not sure what everything is, you can point out what you fancy at the counter. Seating is outdoors in the summer, perfect for people-watching. They have a relatively new overhead sprinkler system too, which is fun.

Mixed grill plate (lamb kofte, cutlets and chicken) at Megri Lokantasi restaurant, Fethiye, Turkey

Sedir, Fethiye

Sedir is another restaurant that has existed in Fethiye for a long time. Hidden down a side street, seating is either indoors (with very loud televisions) or outdoors. Traditional food is served and Turkish pide and lahmacun is made fresh to order. You can watch them prepare it.

Help Beach Bar, Fethiye

The Help beach bar was originally in Oludeniz but has since moved to a secluded bay on the Fethiye peninsular. It is a really laidback and friendly place serving fod and a wonderful array of cocktails. Food includes traditional Turkish food as well as international fare. In fact there is so much on offer it will take you a few minutes to read the menu. They have a huge cocktail menu as well as smoothies, non-alcoholic indulgences and sweet treats. If the view of the beach isn’t enough for you, take in some of the colourful décor around the bar.

Help Beach, Fethiye, Turkey

Buzz Bar, Oludeniz

The Buzz bar in Oludeniz serves traditional Turkish food with a modern twist. They have a varied cocktail menu and the upstairs open-air bar is also a fantastic location to watch the favourite local pastime, paragliding.

Bella Mamma’s, Calis

Bella Mamma’s, if the name didn’t give it away, is an Italian restaurant, rather than a Turkish restaurant. It has an enormous menu of Italian food and serves especially fantastic steaks.


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