Beaches around Fethiye

The South West coastline of Turkey, or the Turquoise Coast as it is known, is magnificent and as you’d expect there are some fantastic beaches around. If relaxing on the beach feeling the sand slip between your toes is your kind of holiday, be sure to read this before you go.


Oludeniz is the beach on just about every poster advertising Turkey. It is a glorious strip of beach reaching from the foot of Babadag mountain to the blue lagoon. It is a wide sand and shingle beach which shelves deeply on the main strip, but is shallow with calm waters at the lagoon. There are many beach bars and small shops around and sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as watersports, are available on the beach. Vendors walk back and forth along the beach selling cold drinks, slushies and snacks, so you don’t even need to get up from your lounger when you’re thirsty. There is also a little old chap who roams the beach selling Turkish viagra. Look out for him.

Gemiler, Kaya

Gemiler beach is a small beach just opposite St Nicholas island. It is much less commercialised than the main strip at Oludeniz and seems miles away from the hustle and bustle but is really only around the corner and down a quiet pine-tree shaded road. Gemiler can be accessed by road from Kayakoy. There are some small cafes, but not much else by way of amenities.

Gemiler, between Kaya and Oludeniz, Turkey

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley’s beach is dramatically enclosed by the steep canyon-sides forming the valley. It is a narrow beach but beautiful. At the back of the canyon there is a waterfall and the valley is also home to many species of butterfly. There are treehouses at Butterfly Valley and a small café, but otherwise it is almost untouched. It is only a short boat taxi ride away from Oludeniz and a wonderful place to spend some time quietly away from the crowds.

A gulet anchored at Butterfly Valley, Turkey


Calis is a sand beach in a flat area which enjoys a good breeze, so is popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Calis is a west-facing beach so is also a fantastic spot to watch the sun set. There are many bars and restaurants along the strip catering to all tastes. It is accessible by road or boat taxi from Fethiye.

Calis beach, Fethiye, Turkey

Iztuzu, Dalyan

Iztuzu beach at Dalyan is world famous as a breeding site for loggerhead turtles. For this reason it is not accessible after dark, but it is a beautiful beach to spend a day at. There is endless soft sand and the sea here is shallow. There are a few cafes serving drinks and snacks.

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

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