Adventures in Colour

The world is such a colourful place and photographs are one of my favourite ways to take a little bit of that brightness home with me. So the Capture the Colour competition gave me the perfect excuse to explore my travel memories. Travel Supermarket has launched the competition (details here) and travel bloggers around the world have jumped to in the hopes of winning one of five ipad 3s or £2,000 of cash to spend on travelling. That’s pounds not dollars folks. Think how far you could get on that! So here are my coloured offerings:


wreck-diving, Nassau, Bahamas

Perhaps unusually I have chosen an underwater image as my red entry. Red is the first colour to be lost in the water column. This conceals the true beauty of the underwater world, which is a shame as lots of corals and underwater critters are bright red, pink and orange.  I took this photo whilst wreck-diving with friends off New Providence Island in the Bahamas, which offers some of the best underwater photography conditions and subjects (wrecks, reefs, sharks) imaginable.


Blue-eyed Birman cat

This is my cat. She is a Birman and has the most amazingly blue eyes I have ever seen on a cat. She knows how to use them too as I melt when she looks at me and break open the cat treats. I like the contrast in this photo of the almost monochrome nature of the image, except for the piercing blue eyes. My cat currently lives with my mother in the UK. On a recent trip to visit family (although she would tell you it was all about her), she spotted me taking her photo from an upstairs window and came running towards the house. I took this photo of her trying to decide how to get to me and love the way she is looking up towards the camera.


Floating market, Bangkok, Thailand

Amongst the heat, noise and chaos of the Damnoen Sadunak Floating Market near Bangkok I picked out this lady selling fruit. Most of her fruit is yellow including the mangoes, pineapple and bananas. I liked that she was also wearing a yellow shirt. I wonder if she planned to be so yellow, if perhaps it was a cunning promotion effort? The markets were a colourful occasion, but I did not see any other sellers dressed to match their product. I am glad I got her boat at an angle rather than straight on and I am also happy that her potential customers are each excitedly turned towards her boat and taking it all in. Their wearing hats also helps her stand out as the subject.


Thieving lorikeet, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Lorikeets are bright green from behind but when they turn around you get a faceful of vibrant colours from these remarkably cheeky but characterful little parrots. I encountered this one while having some breakfast on Brampton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. He is making away with a stolen chunk of my croissant, holding a chunk in his claw and with a telltale crumb stuck to his beak.  He was bold, I’ll give him that!


Notting Hill Carnival, London, UK

White is a difficult colour to keep interesting in photographs but here it contrasts with the brighter colours nearby. This photo is of a street performer at the Notting Hill Carnival in London. I feel lucky to have caught him as he turned towards me during the parade as there is such a party atmosphere that things move quickly. After living in the Caribbean for a few years Notting Hill Carnival was the closest I could get to the colour and the joy of life in the Caribbean, whilst living in London. I enjoy looking at this photo and remembering the fun of mentally escaping London’s urban landscape each August. 

I have really enjoyed seeing some of the other competition entries out there so was only too happy to share the fun and nominate five other bloggers to come to the party. Here they are:

  • Linda at Adventures in Expatland
  • Ayngelina at Bacon is Magic
  • Bobbi at Heels and Wheels
  • Roy at Roy Marvelous
  • Steve at Do Something Cool

I’m looking forward to seeing your colours, guys!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Vi for mentioning the competition to me, and Travel Supermarket for thinking of it. I have seen some really inspiring photos and hope I add something to the mix.


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