Ightham Mote

If you are looking to step back in time and visit a medieval manor house then Ightham Mote, built over 700 years ago might be just the thing. Ightham Mote was built in the 14th century and has changed very little since it’s original design. The house is made up of over 70 rooms built around a central courtyard and sits on its own little island surrounded by a square mote. Three bridges provide access. Impressive features include the great hall, chapel, solars, crypt and a tudor painted ceiling. The property also boasts the only existing Grade 1 listed dog kennel. As you wander around the property taking it all in it is easy to imagine daily life in times gone by being lived in such surroundings. History comes alive.

Ightham Mote, Kent, UK

Ightham Mote has had an intriguing list of owners over the years, including medieval knights, courtiers to King Henry VII and high society Victorians. It is believed to have survived on account of its seclusion, tucked away as it is in Ivy Hatch, Kent. The house is historically fascinating but the grounds around the property are well worth a look too. The various gardens are lovingly nurtured and there are orchards, lakes and woodland walks to explore too.

Ightham Mote gardens, Kent, UK

Ightham Mote is owned and run by the National Trust that hosts many different events at the property in Spring, Summer and Autumn. If you prefer to do your own thing though, it is also the perfect place to rock up with a picnic and enjoy your surroundings.

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