Spanish Supermarket Giggles

Having arrived in Spain late last night, there was nothing much in the flat to eat today, so a foray to the supermercado was a priority. A foreign supermarket always interests me. I enjoy exploring daily norms overseas, not to mention having a giggle at some of the strange and sometimes unfortunate names given to some of the products. Here are a few such amusements I came across today:

The washing powder called ‘Colon’ (above) was too funny. What inspired that name I wonder? Actually, I hate to think.

Bimbo mini toasts (savoury biscuits), Spain

Call me immature but yes, I find a brand of biscuits called ‘Bimbo’ amusing

Bonka coffee, Spain

And ‘Bonka’ coffee was just a bit too ‘Willie Wonka’ to ignore!


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