Visiting Summer Bay

Did you know, one of Sydney’s most popular sights isn’t in Sydney at all? Summer Bay is only an hour from Sydney, meaning fans of the popular television show Home and Away can easily visit the bay on a straightforward daytrip from Sydney. Along with Neighbours, Home and Away is one of Australia’s most successful TV exports. The program has been following the exploits of Summer Bay locals for almost 30 years, with viewers tuning in from all around the world.

Home and Away is filmed at Palm Beach, a seaside town 45 km north of Sydney. So visitors won’t find signs saying ‘Summer Bay’ as the town is fictional. Indoor scenes are filmed in a studio in Sydney, but there are plenty of familiar outdoor sights to visit.

The beach at Summer Bay

The main beach at Palm Beach is a beautiful beach. It has great surf and lovely soft sand. Fans can stroll between the Norfolk Pines that line the shore, keeping a lookout for their favourite characters and enjoy great views across the beach from the grassy areas.

Checking out the Summer Bay life saving club buggies, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

Summer Bay Surf Club

Arguably one of the busiest spots in town, Summer Bay Surf Club, stands above the beach, with the famous beach path leading down to the sand. The colourful Bali flags that line the beach fence, and the outdoor tables and chairs are set outside. They make a great spot to enjoy a cool drink or an ice cream fro the surf club shop.

Alf’s Bait Shop, Summer Bay, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

Alf’s Bait Shop

If you’re after some bait, or want to hire a boat, Alf’s Bait Shop is a functioning bait shop and offers this and more. The bait shop is at the northern end of Palm Beach, past the golf course. Keep an eye out for the framed photo of Alf Stewart that stands proud on the counter. They also sell a range of Summer Bay themed souvenirs. Just to the left of the bait shop entrance is a small deck area, with a corner table and bench that has been the scene of many an important discussion.

Summer Bay, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

The Summer Bay Jetty

The scene of many a heart-to-heart, Summer Bay’s characterful jetty with the string of lightbulbs stands behind Alf’s bait shop. It extends from a restaurant, but it is not the diner, for which scenes are filmed in a studio.

Summer Bay jetty, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

Summer Bay Lighthouse

For spectacular views across the bay, visitors can make the short climb up to Palm Beach Lighthouse from the car park by the bait shop and the jetty.

Visit on weekdays during winter if you want to see filming taking place. If you play your cards right you might even be able to meet some of the actors once they’re finished.

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