Brittany’s rose granite coast

Who can resist France? If you’re not sure where to go, head to the north coast of Brittany. The magnificent coastline north of Lannion is scattered with pink granite rocks giving it the name ‘the rose granite coast’.

Pink Granite Coast

Between Perros-Guirec and Ploumanac’h runs an easy coastal track, from which the best views of the rose coastline are seen. There is also an impressive old house near the shore called the Chateau de Cosheares (pictured above) which was built in the nineteenth century and sits perfectly amidst the pink granite rock. Can’t be too convenient for the post man. A little further along the coast is the Pors Kamor lighthouse. This strikingly square lighthouse offers great views along each side of the point it is built on and is surrounded by grassy areas on which it is nice to fill a few hours watching the water and activity therein as it unfolds beneath you.

Pors Kamor Lighthouse, Brittany, France

Tregastel is the nearest town for these areas, offering shops and facilities, but nearby Trebeurden is larger and has other accommodation options. Both towns are great bases for water activities along the coast. The area is also great for bird-watchers, with a bird sanctuary just offshore on sept isles (boat trips are available from Perros-Guirec). Watch closely and you will probably notice the locals foraging in the rock pools for a tasty snack. Whelk anyone?

Whelks on the left fresh from the beach, and langoustines, Brittany, France


The beach at Trebeurden is magnificent, but so are the cliffs around it. There is a lookout to the south of town and from high up there on the hill, there is a fantastic view across town and the bay. The town hosts several holy fountains believed to cure infertility and blindness, as well as provide good marriages, which may be on account of the towns obsession with saints.

View across Trebeurden from the hilltop, Brittany, France

The nearest airports in this corner of France are Saint-Malo to the east and Brest to the west; both are about 90 minutes drive away.


  • Steve

    That beach really does look magnificent. It’s the kind of place you could sit and stare off into the distance.

    I’ve actually been thinking about a trip to France this summer and Brittany is one of those places I want to see. I’ll have to make sure I try some whelk. I just hope it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks.
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  • Avatar photo


    I’ve never been a fan of whelks Steve, but I hope you enjoy them. Whelks aside the Frenh know how to eat, so if you do end up holidaying there you will certainly enjoy some great eats (and I will be jelaous!)
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