Eumundi Markets, the best markets in Australia

Hidden away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, the small settlement of Eumundi has the most interesting market I have seen in all of Australia. The market showcases local produce, with an eclectic array of arts and crafts, and is a must-see during a visit to the Sunshine Coast. Following the mantra “Make it, bake it, design it, sew it or grow it”, the Eumundi Markets are a celebration of the talents of the local community. There are over 500 stalls, spread across three different sites, all within walking distance from each other, within Eumundi.

Eumundi Square

To the north of Napier Street, several small shops are built to form a large square, with a lawn in the centre and, on market days, usually a musician. In this area of the markets the vendors are more established as shops and sell clothing, homewares, jewellery and a few knickknacks.

Turkish ceramics for sale at Eumundi Square Markets, Queensland, Australia

Eumundi’s Central Market

The main market area is between Napier Street and Memorial Drive. Stalls stretch along four terraces beneath beautiful tall trees. This is the best area for locally created arts and crafts, with local photographs (both current and historic), kangaroo fur creations such as toys and bags, clothing, greeting cards, wood and stone carvings, metalwork, natural beauty products, pet accessories, ceramics, condiments and fresh fruit and vegetables for sale.

Metal sculptures for sale beneath the umbrella canopy at Eumundi Markets, Queensland, Australia

There is also a section by the park, where you can have your fortune read or indulge in a massage. When you get peckish, check out the food stalls, by the CWA Hall, for French crepes, Turkish gozleme, Spanish paella and German sausage. Even those marvellous croissant-doughnut hybrids, cronuts are on offer.

Necklace pendants for sale at Eumundi Markets, Queensland, Australia

Art Hill Pavillion Markets

Up a small hill on the south side of Memorial Drive, between Joe’s Waterhole pub and the Visitor Centre are the Pavillion Markets. This is the smallest of the market sections and, while a little bit of everything is available here, stalls in this area mostly focus on secondhand goods, antiques, books, organic and health products. There is also a shop selling maps, which has an interesting collection of historic maps from all over the world.

Art Hill Pavillion Markets, Eumundi, Queensland, Australia

The markets are a delight for the senses with intriguing sights and the scent of delicious treats grabbing your attention at every step. But keep an eye out for some fun characters too. If you hear a particularly noisy and persistent bird, you’ll probably meet the bird whistle man, selling whistles that mimic birdcalls.

Wooden carved Aussie larrikin signs, Eumundi Market, Queensland, Australia

There are also several musicians keeping the market lively playing guitar and singing, as well as entertainers making balloon animals for children. Somehow, despite all of the life going on around him, the man selling hammocks appears to be asleep in one of his hammocks.

The markets trade on Saturdays from 7am to 2pm, and on Wednesdays from 8am to 1pm, rain or shine (take an umbrella on a rainy day though, as when it rains in Eumundi, it really rains).

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