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And now for something completely different! The World is Waiting is fairly young in blogging terms, the six month anniversary sneaked past only last month, so it was very exciting to be nominated by Turkey’s For Life (Thanks Julia!) to take part in Tripbase’s ‘My 7 Links’ which asks bloggers to choose seven posts from their archives in certain categories. Here goes!

The Links

1. Your most beautiful post

For me, being able to finally reveal my travel plans to everyone was beautiful. It was a relief and something I was really excited about. So from my archives I think The travel plan I kept secret for so long is my most beautiful. I love reading about people and their personal stories (we are all a little bit nosey, right?) and I believe I am not alone!

2. Your most popular post

By miles, 10 Free Apps to download before you go is my most popular post to date. I think anything useful is usually popular. I love the helpful atmosphere of the travel blogging community and am happy to contribute.

3. Your most controversial post

The World is Waiting is not really a very controversial place! However, I recently posted The Aussie Way, a post highlighting certain cultural oddities in Australia that I had noticed. It wasn’t intended to be, but could have been construed as critical of Australia I suppose. That’s as controversial as it has got so far!

4. Your most helpful post

Judging by the amount of contact I have had from readers relating to this post, I think there are a lot of iPhone users out there who are finding The inexpensive way to use your iPhone overseas to be my most useful post.

5. A post whose success surprised you

I wasn’t sure how strong an online presence scuba divers had, or how well a post about dive gear would be received, so was happily surprised by the popularity of Dive Gear – What should you really buy?

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

I have often been asked for advice by travelers facing the decision to travel with friends or go it alone. So, given how often the topic comes up, I was surprised that Traveling alone vs traveling with friends wasn’t more popular.

7. The post you are most proud of

The post I am proudest of is a recent one My Dad – My travel hero. Again, it is very personal to me, but I also believe that everyone gets travel inspiration from somewhere and it is interesting to hear what inspires people. I am hoping people will tell me what or who inspired them in the comments!

Thanks for exploring the archives of The World is Waiting. Do you agree with the choices, or do any other posts come to mind?

My nominations of other blogs to take part are:

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