5 Reasons to try street food in Asia

Part of the joy of travelling is discovering new things and if like me you enjoy culinary adventures then Asian street food can really provide some fantastic experiences.

The human experience

Eating at street food stalls in Asian countries is a very personal experience. The stall holder will often smile and make friendly gestures while you point out what you want, and will then encourage you to take a seat or watch the cooking process.

Street food vendor preparing food in Thailand.

Adventurous eating

Trying new things means you will discover new foods you never knew about before. Granted, locusts and grubs may be pushing your boundaries, but it is certainly an adventure.

Fried locust or cockroach anyone?

Is street food safe?

Food poisoning is one of those things that can happen anywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants to take away joints. However if you spend some time watching street vendors you will soon notice that the popular ones are kept busy preparing fresh food, so the chances of getting sick are minimal.

Yummiest Pad Thai ever!

Street food is cheap

For only a dollar or two you can eat your fill of fresh and yummy tailor made pad thai of nasi goreng like a local. Of course you can spend more in a restaurant, but you are probably getting ripped off.

Enjoy the variety

Different regions specialise in different flavours and a variety of dishes. Eating from street stalls is a cheap and easy way to explore the specialties in different regions.

Which street foods have you tried? Did any surprise you?


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