Top 10 Things To Do at Atlantis, Bahamas

Ever wonder what a casino resort is like? Do you have a secret fondness for bold extravagance? If so then look no further, The Atlantis, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is for you.

While the Atlantis Resort is a hotel, it is also a casino, marina, aquarium, waterpark, shopping centre and it also hosts an array of bars and restaurants. It is easy to spend a few days exploring it all and taking it all in. While it is a loud and brazen kind of a place, it is also great fun if you are a fan of the marine environment, gambling, or any of the above really!

1. Stay at the Atlantis Hotel

The two iconic pink towers are a landmark across Paradise Island and have been for years. They are clearly visible from across the bridge in Nassau. It is rumoured Michael Jackson used to stay in the suite that connects the two towers near the top. You don’t need to splurge on a suite though as there are several other accommodation options around the Atlantis complex. 

2. Check out the Atlantis aquariums

Unsurprisingly Altantis features a lot of fishlife. Even just wandering the grounds there are several water pools around the resort where you can see sharks and rays in the shallows. There is also an enormous tank off the lobby beneath the towers by which you can grab a bite to eat while watching the fish. 

Stingrays at Atlantis, Bahamas

3. Get up close and personal with the marine life

There is an aquarium called The Dig, which showcases lots of different marine creatures, some of them prettier than others! Here you can see everything from eels to jellyfish and lots inbetween.

4. Enjoy the Atlantis water park

The water parks around Atlantis offer lots of fun. Lying back in a donut as you float through a tank of sharks may be a tad unnerving but is a great way to feel ‘amongst’ these amazing creatures, or perhaps sliding down a very steep water slide is more your thing?

A shark swims past as someone enjoys a donut ride through the water park, Atlantis, Bahamas

5. Visit the Atlantis Marina

Atlantis has one of the most prestigious (albeit in a rather laidback kind of way) marinas in the Bahamas, and it is usually crammed with large yachts. Go for a stroll on the docks and decide which one you would buy if you had the money.

Atlantis Marina, Paradise Island, Bahamas

6. Win big at Atlantis Casino

The Atlantis Casino is enormous. If you can tear yourself away from all the gambling it is possible to get lost amongst all the lights and the bing bing chimes of the slots. The Bahamas are a tax haven, so it is not a bad place to win big. The casino offers tables, slot machines, gambling events and races and sports betting. 

7. Shop ‘til you drop

Atlantis hosts a plethora of shops and boasts something for everyone. They have souvenir shops selling everything you can imagine with the Atlantis logo on it (including some nice plush marine animal toys). Atlantis also hosts the high-end designer label stores where you can imagine the bored wives of rich yacht owners spend a small fortune.

8. Dine at Atlantis

There are so many dining options in Atlantis that you could eat each mean in a different restaurant or café for a week before you had to double-up. There are lots of fine dining options, but there are also lots of more casual choices, such as the buffet-style Marketplace or the lagoon-side Lagoon Bar and Grill.

Dine by the main tank at Atlantis, Bahamas

9. Enjoy Atlantis night life

Atlantis really comes alive at night. The Casino buzzes and one everyone has finished dinner the colour and the incredible décor seem to seduce people into the bars. The beach bar is a nice spot to watch the sunset and Dragon’s Ultra Lounge, near the Casino is lively well into the small hours. 

Watch scuba diving and other activities from the Lagoon Bar and Grill, Atlantis, Bahamas

10. Enjoy the view

It is easy to forget spectacular Paradise Beach with all the craziness of the resort distracting you, but if you prefer a bit less noise and a superb view then cabanas that open on three sides are available for hire at The Cove, from which you can luxuriate as you soak up the beautiful colours of the Bahamas. 

Have you been to Atlantis? What did you think?

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  • stevebloom2

    I really would love to do number four on your list. Of course that would depend on what kind of sharks there are swimming around. I’ve swam with nurse sharks before and that wasn’t so bad. Although from the photo here it looks like the sharks are much bigger.

    I have to say I’m intrigued by what room Michael Jackson was staying in. Although that will probably have to remain a mystery since his room probably would cost a fortune to stay the night there.

    I have to say that this place looks really cool. When I get a chance to go to the Bahamas I’ll have to check it out.
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    • Avatar photo


      Hi Steve – The shark in that image is a Caribbean Reef shark. They get to about 7 feet long usually. You wouldn’t meet the sharp end though as the tubes go through a transparent tunnel through the shark tank. It is fantastic to have them swim around you though. I took my Dad and he loved it (he didn’t fancy a swim on the shark-feed boat though..) Atlantis is great fun, definitely worth a visit.
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