Nasi Goreng

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Indonesian cuisine before arriving there. I will admit it concerned me a bit because of my severe dislike of spicy foods. I shouldn’t have worried though. I discovered nasi goreng and it was love at first bite

Nasi Goreng

Pronounced ‘nazee gorang’ and offered on most menus, nasi goreng was a reliable and tasty treat while I explored Bali and it was NOT spicy (although you can request it to be). Essentially it is fried rice served with fish, chicken, pork or beef and, often in tourist areas, a fried egg on top and a satay stick.

Nasi goreng is a traditional dish in Indonesia but it is not traditionally served for lunch or dinner. It is a breakfast dish in Indonesia where it is made from the rice used for dinner the night before. Frying the rice that was boiled the night before is a way to prevent rice being wasted. Unknown to many reheating rice is fraught with danger as a bacteria thrives in cooked rice and can make you very ill. Frying it nips that problem in the bud.

Nasi goreng just means ‘fried rice’ but an extra word is added to the name to indicate what accompanies it. For example ‘nasi goreng ayam’ is served with chicken. ‘Nasi goreng udang’ is served with prawns (and very tasty). Bought from street vendors nasi goreng is often plain rice served with a plastic spoon. When ordered in a restaurant though it can be endlessly fancy, including fried eggs, satay sticks, shrimp crackers and sauces.

Mie Goreng served with shrimp crackers and spicy sauce

Mie Goreng

If noodles are more your thing try mie goreng. It is the same but made with noodles instead and also very yummy.

Have you tried nasi or mie goreng? What did you think?


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