The Rodin Museum in Paris and why I love it

The ‘Musee Rodin’ or Rodin Museum is one of my all-time favourite places to spend time in Paris. I never tire of visiting and always recommend friends go there to enjoy the sculpture, art and the peace and tranquility of the gardens in the heart of always bustling Paris. The museum building is compact but the garden surrounding it means it never feels crowded. There are so many galleries and museums in Paris that small establishments can be overshadowed by the larger, more famous galleries such as the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay. However, if you are a fan of sculpture the Musee Rodin is a must-see. Even if you’re not wild about sculpture there are still interesting pieces to see and the gardens will provide a pretty and quiet escape from the busy city. While Rodin’s most well known pieces such as the intricate Gates of Hell, the Burghers of Calais, the Age of Bronze, the Kiss and the Thinker can all be seen, there are innumerable other works that are also touching and showcase the incredible talents of Auguste Rodin.

The Gates of Hell, Rodin Museum, Paris, France

Rodin’s skills in surface modelling give great depth to the human emotions communicated through his work. His belief that nothing made Art more moving than a depiction of suffering is clear in some of his work. The Gates of Hell depicts many individuals in torment. While the Thinker’s body clearly betrays the depth of his thoughts. His toes grip the rock he perches on, the muscles in his back appear tense and his brow is furrowed. On a happier note, many of Rodin’s sculptures explore human connections. The tender involvement with which two lovers hold each other in the Kiss is a real homage to love. Eternal Springtime will also appeal to anyone with a sense of romance.

The Kiss, Rodin Museum, Paris, France

The museum seems compact but contains over 6,000 sculptures and more than 7,000 works on paper. With some works inside the building and others displayed around the gardens, visiting is a pleasure. You can go at your own pace and can easily focus on the pieces that interest you the most, without feeling like you are in everyone’s way.

Rodin Museum gardens, Paris, France

Musee Rodin is housed in a small building that used to be Hotel Biron, and rather uniquely, the home of the artist it now celebrates. Nestled on the Left Bank, sharing a neighbourhood with Napoleon’s tomb Invalides, Musee Rodin is central, easy to get to and an absolute joy to visit.

Which of Paris’ museums and galleries would you recommend?


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