Ripley Castle, Yorkshire

Ripley is a village in North Yorkshire that is famous for its ice cream, but less well known is the fact that the town also has a castle in spectacular condition that is well worth a visit. The UK is one of those places that oozes history. It seems like every town and village in the UK is proud home to a building or ruin that has a story to tell and contributes to the rich history of the country. Ripley is no different. Ripley Castle is owned by the Ingilby family and has been handed down between 26 generations of the same family for over 700 years. The Ingilbys’ ancestors had high connections, with Henry Ingilby collecting taxes for King Edward III and William Ingilby serving King Henry VII.

Ripley Castle, Yorkshire, UK

Their affiliation with the royal family turned on its head however when nine of the eleven conspirators of the gunpowder plot were found to be friends and relatives of the Ingilby family. Oops! Lots of information is available about the Castle that tells many stories about the life of the family in the castle and also other adventures such as having held Oliver Cromwell prisoner in the Library. The rooms are beautifully preserved and there is also a priest hole to explore.

Ripley Castle Lake, Yorkshire, UK

The Castle stands in beautiful grounds that feature a lake, walled garden, herb garden and are also home to a group of deer. Ripley village is the quintessential cute little English village. It is home to about 260 people and centres around a cobbled market square. The Boar’s Head is the village pub and inn. There is a picturesque church, Hotel de Ville and a small school. There are also several small shops.

A visit to Ripley is great fun for both history boffins and those who are passionate about the great outdoors. Have you been?


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