6 Reasons to write your bucketlist

Bucketlists mean different things to different people. To some they represent a shopping list of places to tick off their travel hitlist, to others they offer the chance to fulfim dreams, meet people and learn and embrace new cultures. How do you view them?

It’s good to have goals

Modern life comes with lots of pressures and we are encouraged, expected even, to have goals and ambitions. Why not have some travel goals? Travel is one of those things that does not usually happen unless you intend it to. Make it your goal.


If you want to travel you need to make it your priority. The difference between those who travel widely and those who don’t is that the travellers have chosen to travel. Daily life is an easy distraction to hide behind but if you want to travel make it something you focus your attention on. An occasional review of your bucketlist will help keep you focused and more likely to achieve those goals.

Things change

People and places change; nothing is forever. As you aim to visit places on your bucketlist alternative opportunities may arise. That is ok. Not only are bucketlists personal, they are also flexible, and adding or removing things as you go is completely acceptable.


Bucketlists provide great conversation-starters. Compare your list with those of other travellers and find out where they want to go and why. You never know you may discover new destinations to add to your list. Sharing your list can also enable others to help you achieve the things on your list. If you need someone to sail around the world with you for example, you will find that person more quickly if you let people know you need someone.

Every journey starts with a single step

As with anything the first step to making something happen is acknowledging the desire to do it. If you want to travel a bucketlist of destinations is a great way to start planning.


While I support the concept of having a bucketlist I also believe there is not much value in hollow travel. I see little achievement in physically visiting places for a Kodak moment in order to tick them off a list. The most fulfilling travel experiences I have enjoyed have been the ones where I was able to spend time in a place and get to know the local people, norms and beliefs.

I think having a bucketlist is a great step towards accomplishing travel goals and while working your way through your goals you will probably find yourself introduced to all sorts of new experiences and opportunities.

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