Versatile Blogger Award

Last week was much like any other really until I found out that I had won the Versatile Blogger Award, and then it became a very exciting week. I am delighted to accept the award. Are you wondering what the Versatile Blogger Award is though? Read on and I’ll tell you more. I’m proud to receive the award but feel a bit ‘British’ about shouting about it (It’s just not something we do!) So, trying not to come across as boastful, this post is all about my award because I have to accept it properly.

Part of accepting the award is that you must do the following:

  • Accept the award, show the image and mention the person who gave you the award. Simples.
  • Furnish the blogging world with seven quirky facts about yourself (just for fun presumably)
  • Share the love by nominating other blogs to receive the award.


Firstly, huge thanks to Kate for considering The World is Waiting to be worthy. She had the following to say about my blog, which is very humbling and which I really, really appreciate:

“There are hundreds and hundreds of travel blogs out there, believe me.  Expats by the dozen want to share their experiences in their new homelands and travel writers/photographers are constantly trying to satiate the public’s need for glamorous pictures of exotic lands. The biggest challenge each travel writer faces is to make his/her blog different in some way. For all of you still searching for that mysterious ‘X’ factor, check out the work Liv has done on this blog. Are there exotic snapshots of gorgeous diving trips? Absolutely.  Top Ten lists detailing what to do in various locales? Check. But then there is more – this UK expat takes the time out explore the details and explain the cultural differences between her native home and her current home, regardless of where that might be.  I found myself reading dozens of posts while my tea got cold, forgotten.

Xfactor? Crikey! And I’m sorry about the tea Kate…

Read Kate’s splendid blog ‘UKate’ about her experiences as an American, living in the UK here (especially fun for British expats on their homesick days).

7 Facts (quirky or otherwise)

  1. I was born ‘just in time for drinks’ as my mother puts it, and with a red nose.
  2. I enjoy learning languages and the interaction that even a basic knowledge of a language can give you with others, not to mention the sometime hilarious (or just plain awkward) mistakes you can make.
  3. I have swum with six different types of sharks (so there’s still plenty more to meet!)
  4. I fall asleep in cars and am therefore terrible company on long roadtrips.
  5. In fact I can sleep almost anywhere, most impressively, for 20 hours of the 26 hour trip to Australia (those 6 hours awake were spent at check-in in London and 4½ hours in Singapore airport!)
  6. I LOVE mangoes. Don’t get between me and a mango.
  7. I don’t worry about things that I cannot do anything about. I never have done and I don’t intend to start.

Nominations…Drumroll Please!

Er, actually I haven’t nominated anyone yet. You see, while I follow oodles of blogs that I think are brilliant and could just list my favourites, I thought, in the spirit of ‘sharing the love’, that I would open this up to readers to nominate themselves or other bloggers who may not be on my radar yet. If you write a blog or know a blog that you love to read, won’t you please let me know in a quick comment below? I will need the blog’s title, URL and the name of the author if you know it please.

By doing this I am hoping that my readers and I will be introduced to some fantastic new writers and material. It does not have to be travel-related. It could be about food (I would love to hear from any chocolate bloggers out there…) or kittens (who doesn’t love kittens?) or well, anything. I look forward to seeing what my readers suggest!

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