The Best Champagne Tours in Reims and Épernay

Planning a trip to the French Champagne Region? Head to the heart of the region – the city of Reims, or the town of Épernay. Many champagne producers offer cave tours, information about production, the factors making each producer unique, and a variety of tastings. You can easily spend a few days exploring the various caves (there are plenty to keep you busy), and indulging in a few delicious tastings… 

Which champagne producer should I visit?

Do you have a favourite champagne? Maybe that’s a good place to start. If not, there are subtle differences between the set-ups and tours offered by champagne producers. Are you a fan of modern art, or a history buff? Are you mostly focused on the tasting? There’s a cave to suit you!

Here’s my guide to the different champagne houses in Reims and Épernay. I suggest booking visits in advance because, while the champagne houses offer several tours per day (often in French or English), group numbers can be small, and places fill quickly.




Taittinger cellar, Reims, France

The temperature difference as you descend the spiral staircase down into Taittinger’s caves is striking, so take a jumper, but the 4th century chalk caves are very atmospheric. Tours walk you through tunnels and caves carved out of the chalk, and talk you through production techniques. Tastings take place in a large, bright open area with plenty of space to gather as a group, or enjoy an intimate moment.

Address: 9 Place Saint Nicaise, Reims
Price: €27 x 2 glasses


Modern art in the Pommery cellars, Reims, France

As you approach Pommery you can’t help but notice the fairytale castle style of the buildings and the colourful garden sculpture; pay attention modern art fans, this is your stop! There are not many places where you will find art displayed in caves 30m below ground but, if you like your bubbles with a dash of colour and a few bas-reliefs, you will enjoy Pommery, that continues the art-theme introduced by founder Madame Pommery. If you’re looking for good souvenirs, Pommery also boasts an extensive boutique.

Address: 5 Place du Général Gouraud, Reims
Price: €30 x 2 glasses (€24 x 1 glass)

Veuve Clicquot

The tasting bar at Veuve Clicquot, Reims, France

You descend into the Veuve Clicquot caves via a long, straight staircase that, if you’re afraid of heights or falling, may give you the heebie jeebies. However, once down there, the caves are large and comfortable. Tunnels are cut into the chalk and chambers feature different displays including information about the history and adventures of Widow Clicquot and the terroirs. Tastings take place inside in a downstairs basement lounge, but there is a small outdoor seating area where you can enjoy further bubbles after the tour!

Address: 1 Rue Albert Thomas, Reims
Price: €55 x 2 glasses


The Lanson Vineyard, Reims, France

To follow the full journey from grape to glass, Lanson is the obvious choice. Unique among Reims caves, Lanson has vines on the same site as their caves, which are also unusual for being at ground level. Interestingly, the tour shares some of the modern industrial (and super clean) caves as well as the more atmospheric rock-carved caves, and also touched upon the difficulty of producing organic champagne. A small statue of the Virgin Mary remains in the cave, installed during WWII, when city residents sheltered there during bombing raids. Tastings take place in a bright and pleasant bar overlooking the front garden.

Address: 66 Rue de Courlancy, Reims
Price: €26 x 2 glasses


Moet and Chandon

Sculpture of monk Dom Perignon outside Moet & Chandon, Épernay, France

One for the history buffs, Moet and Chandon boasts having received a visit from Napoleon on 26 July 1807, on his return journey from signing the Tilsit Treaties. The producer is also associated with Benedictine monk Dom Perignon, famed for pioneering wine blending techniques in the 1600s and introducing the use of corks and bottles made of thicker glass (to avoid explosions!) The Moet and Chandon visitor centre is housed within an old chateau and, with 28km of tunnels underground, has the largest cellars in the area.

Address: 20 Avenue de Champagne, Épernay
Price: €35 x 2 glasses (€26 x 1 glass)


Train tour of the Mercier cellar in Épernay, France

It’s worth strolling to the end of Avenue de Champagne in Épernay to visit Mercier, nestled among fields of vines. An enormous wooden barrel with wine and grape-themed carvings greets visitors in reception at Mercier. If your party includes small children, or anyone with reduced or limited mobility, Mercier is a great choice because they drive you around the caves in a little train with an audio tour. There is a definite sense of fun to the tour, as a statue of a woman raising her glass emphasises in the cave.

Address: 68 Avenue de Champagne, Épernay
Price: €25 x 2 glasses (€19 x 1 glass)

Reims is a 45 minutes train ride from Paris, so you can even visit as a daytrip. Épernay is a short trip by train or car from Reims. Prices correct in 2022

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