Capture the Colour of Western Australia

This year for Capture the Colour I have decided to celebrate Western Australia, which is where I live at the moment. Some may see this as a limitation but I choose to see it as a challenge. Not that it makes things especially difficult; Western Australia is an extraordinary state, home to vastly contrasting landscapes, magical experiences and definitely plenty of colour.


Esperance lies at the east end of the southern coast of WA. The Esperance coastline is magnificent and just about every imaginable shade of blue. This photograph is the view over West Beach in spring.

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia


I love red earth and WA has plenty. It is especially noticeable once you get to the Kimberleys in northern WA. This photograph was taken in Broome. I love the stark contrast of the bright red rocks and the turquoise blue sea.

Red rocks at Broome, Western Australia


Rottnest Island is home to one of the last thriving populations of quokkas. This photograph poses a bit of a mystery as with nothing green in sight I’m at a loss as to where this little quokka found the juicy green leaf he is clutching!

Quokka with a juicy green leaf, Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia


This golden sunset was captured one evening on Broome’s infamous Cable Beach. I love the variety of colours that infiltrate the image, all from one sunset.

Sunset, Broome, Western Australia


The sand on the beaches in Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, has been labeled the whitest in Australia. It is so white and clean that it is squeaky when you step on it. A local gang of kangaroos lives in the area and they are usually found rummaging through seaweed, as they do here.

Kangaroos on white sand beach, Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia

Capture the colour is a competition run by Travel Supermarket. I was proud to learn that, although I didn’t win the competition last year, one of the images I entered was featured on Travel Supermarket’s World map. This year I was nominated to take part by Michaela of Rocky Travel. Thanks for the nomination, Michaela!

In turn my five nominations are:

Do you see the world through colours?


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