Cheap winter sun

The UK is not usually blessed with wonderful weather during winter and it is easy to get a bit blue with all the grey weather. Luckily for those based in the UK London is something of a hub for flights to all sorts of destinations. Here are some options for inexpensive winter escapes.


There is plenty of sunshine on offer in Morocco and if you keep out of the Atlas mountains it is pretty reliably warmer than the UK in winter. In Morocco you can experience arab culture, stay in a riad, get lost exploring the souk and binge on the sweetest fresh orange juice imaginable. Marrakech makes a fascinating city break which will overload your senses at every turn. Coastal towns like Essouaira, Casablanca and Rabat offer a break on the African shores of the Atlantic.


For a long time Spain has been a popular place for Brits to retire and it is no wonder with the marvelous Spanish sunshine on offer. Spain offers milder winters than in the UK though it does still get cool, especially in the evenings, so you will need to take some warm clothes with you. Barcelona makes a fantastic city break. The south coast will normally be a bit warmer though.


Turkey is an enormous country and some parts, including Istanbul, get freezing temperatures during winter (did you know Turkey has ski resorts?) If you head to the South coast though the weather is usually balmy and sunny during the day with cool evenings. Be warned that the South coast is littered with tourist resorts and many of the facilities on offer during summer may not be available in winter. With the increase in expats living in Turkey more facilities continue through winter, but there are still many that close entirely. Bodrum and Antalya are both large enough settlements that most shops and services continue to function during winter.

South of France

Large parts of France share a similar climate with the UK. The South-East Mediterranean coast of France, despite not being far from the Alps however, has bright and sunny days on offer. You probably won’t be sunbathing, but it is amazing how bright blue skies can cheer you up. People-watching from street cafes in Cannes is a favourite winter pastime of mine. Nice old town is also more fun to explore off-season when it is less hectic.

Of course they say a change is as good as a rest and there are lots of destinations that you can get to quickly, easily and relatively cheaply from the UK with a bit of planning ahead. There are flights to Gran Canaria, Malta, Naples, Sharm El Sheikh, to name but a few. The choice is yours.

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