Make the most of Now

I have been writing about travel for some time now and this morning I looked up ‘travel’ in the dictionary. This is what I found: ‘Travel – To make a journey, typically of some length’. It got me thinking about what travel means to different people. Travel has an exotic reputation and for many seems a fantasy and mostly out of reach but it doesn’t need to be.

Yes, your work commitments, your pet or perhaps your children might mean that you can’t go on a Round the World trip at the drop of a hat, but don’t give up there. Look at your options. They say ‘where there is a will there is a way’ and this is one situation where a little planning can go a long way. You would have a pretty unique situation, if it were absolutely impossible to get away from it all for a few days. Don’t let your excuses (or anyone else’s) stop you from indulging you or travel demons. Take late holidays.

The Destination

Choose your destination wisely. Obviously choose somewhere that you want to go, but make sure it is feasible within the time frame that you have. A massive journey in each direction will detract from the downtime you have exploring your destination.

Make the most of your time

When I lived in London and felt the near constant desire to get out of the city via short trips, I tried to apply the following advice to all of my quick trips away:

  • Whenever you have limited time away, trying to leave the night before your first free day buys you an entire day, instead of your first day being eaten up by travel. Wake up refreshed in a new place.
  • Research. I know it sounds boring, but if you know which things you want to do or see when you visit a place, then you maximise your time enjoying them there.
  • Do something you would never normally do. Perhaps the opportunity to go wine-tasting at a vineyard will arise, perhaps paragliding or maybe fishing. It doesn’t matter what it is, but try something new; it makes it more exciting (although I can’t guarantee this of fishing, which I’ve always found a bit dull!)
  • Take some time to enjoy the different surroundings, perhaps with a bit of people watching in a groovy wine bar in Paris or taking in the chaos of the covered markets in Istanbul or the view from a terrace in Cinque Terre. 

The Cost

Remember it doesn’t need to be expensive. Flights and hotels tend to be cheaper if you travel mid-week and organised tours cost a lot, when you can often guide yourself around places for the cost of a good guidebook.

Your time is very precious. It is something you can never get back. Get that trip planned. Book it and enjoy it!


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