Snapshots of the Bahamas Family Islands

Although New Providence is home to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, the Bahamas by no means end there. There are so many beautiful places in this island nation that you will struggle to choose a favourite. 

San Salvador

San Salvador (pictured above) is the island where Christopher Columbus first landed on his voyage to discover the new world and somewhat confusingly, the locals have erected several monuments to mark the exact spot where he first came ashore. There are a few small resorts on San Salvador, as well as a Christopher Columbus Museum. The island is a remote but fantastic spot for diving . I saw a turtle, two stingrays and some huge fish within minutes on my first dive there. The marine life is abundant and beautiful to see. There are not enough people diving here for the underwater wildlife to be wary.

Rum Cay

Sounds great doesn’t it? Rum cay is a tiny, surprisingly hilly island (for the Bahamas), of about 100 inhabitants, neighbouring San Salvador. Apart from the wreck of the HMS Conqueror, which sank in 1861 and is a highlight for divers, there is very little here, just a small marina overrun with ginger cats, restaurant and some accommodation. This, along with its reputation as one of the best-kept secrets of the region, makes it the perfect hideaway.

Rum Cay beach, Bahamas


The Exumas, at only 35 miles away, are the closest islands to Nassau and consist of over 360 islands, the largest of which is Great Exuma. Georgetown is the largest settlement and an interesting town. The magistrate’s court i noticed had a sign on the door advertising “Arts and crafts on sale inside!” Staniel Cay is another permanent settlement. Thunderball grotto, where parts of the Bond movie Thunderball were filmed, is also in the Exumas. The Exumas are surprisingly well-furnished for watering holes and have superb waters for sailing. Another draw card is a colony of cunning but friendly iguanas on Allan Cay. The Exumas are easily visited on daytrips from Nassau.

Iguanas on Allan Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

The Abacos

The Abacos are one of the most Northern of the Bahamian island communities and particularly popular for sailing activities. The Abacos are one of the more developed areas in the Bahamas with resorts, restaurants, fishing, diving as well as golf courses on offer.

Long island

Long island is about 80 miles long and has some of the most spectacular scenery available in the Bahamas. It has high cliffs, caves and glorious beaches. It is an especially good spot for fishing and a blue hole called Dean’s Hole has been sought out recently by freedivers.

Have you been to the Bahamas? Do you have a favourite island?

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