5 Reasons to rent a property on your next holiday

Sometimes it is nice to go away and stay in a hotel where everything is done for you. But there are also times when it is nice to enjoy the personal space that renting a property gives you. 

1. Privacy and Freedom
When you are alone you can be completely yourselves. Holiday rentals give you privacy and freedom to do what you want when you want. There are no restaurant opening hours to adhere to and there should be no disturbances. Rentals enable you to hide completely from the world, if that is what you want to do.

2. Self-catering possibilities
Rentals are great for families and those with specific dietary requirements. Holidaying with children can be an effort to find suitable food and at a time they want it. If you have kitchen facilities you can easily remedy that. Equally, anyone with complicated dietary requirements will be able to sort themselves out easily in a villa.

Holiday rentals - cook in your bikini if you want to!

3. Live the dream
Live the life you always dreamed of, without the tax and maintenance bills. For however many weeks you choose, that beautiful property with the spectacular view can be all yours (for as long as you can afford it!) Holiday rentals sometimes come across as a bit pricey, but when you consider the cost of running a property and weigh up the amount of time you would have free to enjoy it, renting doesn’t look so expensive.

Vacation rentals enable you to call paradise home for a few weeks.

4. Research
Or if you are thinking of moving to an area, or investing in a holiday property, why not rent a few different places while trying to decide where you want to settle? It is an inexpensive way to familiarise yourself with a place before making a far larger financial commitment. 

5. Doing it your way
If you are a keen explorer but like to do things your own way then renting a holiday property may be the gentle introduction you would choose to some varied new places. Farmhouses in the French countryside may appeal to some people, while others would choose an apartment in a buzzing city centre, a dive lodge in the Philippines or an Aspen vacation rental to take advantage of the skiing. Whatever your interests there is a vacation rental for you out there somewhere.  

Have you ever rented a property to holiday in rather than stayed in a hotel? How did you find it? 

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