Notting Hill Carnival - Europe's biggest street party!

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Do you ever feel like dressing up and dancing in the street? Every August bank holiday weekend the streets of west London come alive with one of the biggest and most colourful celebrations of life imaginable. 

The much-celebrated Notting Hill Carnival has been partying through west London since 1966 and if you think that sounds fun, just wait until you experience it!

How climbing the leaning Tower of Pisa could affect your studies

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Everybody poses for a photo ‘holding up’ the leaning Tower of Pisa, but would you climb it? 

The ‘lean’ factor looks quite concerning when you stand in front of the tower. 'It probably won’t feel like much of an angle inside,' I thought. 

I was wrong!

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia

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Hot air balloons are almost as much a feature of Cappadocia as the magnificent underground cities and fairy chimney houses. 

When you wake on your first morning to a sky filled with colourful balloons drifting almost silently over the remarkable landscape around you, you know you’ve arrived somewhere magical. 

But do you want to fly in a hot air balloon? Here’s why you should.

Two of the best museums in Montreal

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As one of Canada’s historic industrial centres, Montreal has been a far busier place than the international focus on Vancouver and Toronto might have you believe. 

From the early French attempts to establish a fur trading post and British colonial rule (yes, British!), to Montreal’s establishment as the economic capital of Canada in the late 1800s and beyond, Montreal certainly has an interesting history.

12 Turkish foods you should try

If you haven’t tried Turkish food yet, you really should! There is far more to it than just Turkish delight… 

Turkish cuisine has developed continuously over the centuries since Ottoman rule and has adopted influences from all over the place including Central Asian, the Middle East, Greece and the Balkans, resulting in wonderfully diverse, unique and flavoursome menus.