Visiting Parliament House in Canberra

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After several years in the country, Australia’s ‘warts and all’ style of politics still intrigues me. The headlines of the Julia Gillard vs Kevin Rudd tussle to lead the Australian Labor Party and the aggressive campaigning ahead of the 2013 federal election that featured some outrageous allegations about both sides have been part of my Australian experience. So, when an opportunity came to visit Parliament House, I was keen to see the politicians in action.

The best sushi in Melbourne

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Having previously lived in London, where everything is available just about all of the time, moving to rural Australia has meant adapting on several fronts (and more than a few moments thinking ‘what am I doing here?’) 
For this sushi-holic, living in a town without a sushi restaurant, has been addict behaviour inducing. So, on a recent trip to Melbourne I delighting in feasting at several different sushi outlets. Here’s my guide to the best sushi in Melbourne.

Land of culture, land of curiosities - Embracing Thailand

Thailand is an amazing place to visit. With its food, landscape and interesting cultural experiences, not to mention some nice beaches to relax on, it’s an intriguing place to explore. Full of curiosities, this is a country that blends cosmopolitan high rises with the farming community, fishing villages and Buddhist temples. How could a place like this fail to capture your attention?

My Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

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Cocktails - Who doesn’t love cocktails? To me, cocktails scream ‘holidays’! So when I had the chance to explore the origins of the now infamous Singapore Sling at the beautiful and historic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, I couldn’t resist.
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