Taking the Ferry Boat from Sweden to Finland

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Are you planning a trip around Scandinavia? Have you considered going by ferry? Along with rail and road options, there are plenty of boat routes available in the region. Going by sea is a comfortable, affordable and more sustainable way to travel, compared to flying. When you combine all that with the beautiful sea views of the Nordic archipelagos and the Baltic, you’re onto a winner!



What to eat in Denmark

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Denmark is the foodie's dream destination in Scandinavia. From hearty traditional dishes to fresh, seasonal cuisine, the country wholeheartedly celebrates and elevates local produce, and with Copenhagen restaurant Noma having topped the list of the World’s best restaurants more than five times, this small but mighty country has established itself as the centre of the Nordic food scene. Whether you’re looking for fine dining experiences or eating on a budget during your trip, you will eat well in Denmark. 


10 Best Things to do in Tallinn

Hidden away in the far top corner of Europe, Tallin is one of the least well-known cities of Europe, making it a joy to discover! With a fascinating history and a myriad of cultural influences, Tallin certainly has something for everyone.  
Modern day Tallinn is a capital city embracing technology and implementing innovative initiatives to tackle climate change, but it wasn’t always like this. Estonia has a long and interesting history, and it’s worth getting to know Tallinn a little better.




Hotel De La Paiva Brings Versailles to Paris

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Have you ever wondered what life in Paris was like during France’s second Republic? Tucked away on the world’s most famous boulevard is a magnificent private house offering visitors an immersive experience of 19th century Paris. But it’s not just any house, Hotel de la Païva was the home of one of Paris’ richest and most famous courtesans, and the story of how she acquired the house, and what she made of it, is quite incredible.

The Best Champagne Tours in Reims and Épernay

Planning a trip to the French Champagne Region? Head to the heart of the region - the city of Reims, or the town of Épernay. Many champagne producers offer cave tours, information about production, the factors making each producer unique, and a variety of tastings. You can easily spend a few days exploring the various caves (there are plenty to keep you busy), and indulging in a few degustations…