London's West End - Theatre capital of Europe

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London has arguably the largest range of evening entertainment on offer in any city in Europe. Londoners and visitors are spoilt for choice with restaurants offering every cuisine possible, live music performances and nightclubs catering to all tastes and interests, but what makes London so special to me is London’s Theatreland.

The Rodin Museum in Paris and why I love it

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The 'Musee Rodin' or Rodin Museum is one of my all-time favourite places to spend time in Paris. I never tire of visiting and always recommend friends go there to enjoy the sculpture, art and the peace and tranquility of the gardens in the heart of always bustling Paris. The museum building is compact but the garden surrounding it means it never feels crowded.

Another country, another expat birthday

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It was my birthday this week, my third in Australia, and it made me think how different birthdays feel when you are an expat. I’m a strong believer in the many benefits of spending some time  living as an expat. However, expat birthdays are not for the faint-hearted.

Yabby racing in Western Australia

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Before living in Australia I had no idea what a yabby was. I think Home and Away characters refer to a place called ‘Yabby Creek’ periodically, but beyond that reference I had never had occasion to give the creatures a second thought. So, when I learned there was a local event devoted to the crustaceans, I was keen to check it out.

Towns in regional Australia regularly hold ‘fun days’ to bring the community together, often to raise money for local community groups or charities. That is exactly what Grass Patch’s ‘Yabby Classic’ is all about.  

Fiji's Hindu culture revealed at Sri Suva Subramaniye Temple

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After seeing a few photos and hearing that Sri Suva Subramaniya Temple, in Nadi, is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere I considered it a ‘must see’ on a recent trip to Fiji, both because I was interested in the structure as a Hindu place of worship and also because, according to what I knew at that time, it seemed a little out of place in Fiji. The island nation proved itself to be a fascinating melting pot of people, culture and religion however and a visit to the temple is a great way to learn about Fiji’s Hindu culture.
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