Discover Twitter travel chats - here are the best!

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Do you want to connect with other travellers? Do you have a Twitter account but feel you might not be making the best use of it? One of the best things about Twitter, in my opinion, is the ease with which a group of people can get together to discuss topics and share information. This is how the Twitter travel chats work.

Cyclone Marcia: My first cyclone in Australia

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It’s not every day that a Category 5 cyclone hits Australia. It’s certainly even more unusual that two cyclones hit Australia on the same day, but that’s exactly what happened during my first week back in Queensland. Wow, I timed that well, didn't I?

Driving across the Nullarbor - Part Two: South Australia

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Having already spent a day and a half driving, somewhat incredibly, we were still in Western Australia. Driving across the Nullarbor (and even just out of WA, it seems) is no mean feat. The distances involved are not to be underestimated. Neither is the amount of wildlife propagating the popular Australian myth that all the animals are out to get you.

Driving across the Nullarbor - Part One: West Australia

A 2,700km stretch of road named “not a tree in sight” and nicknamed ‘Nullar-boring' by locals doesn’t sound that exciting, does it? Well, in fact, the Nullarbor boasts a mysterious ‘nymph’, the world’s longest golf course, a magnificent whale-watching platform, and is littered with caves and blowholes. Driving across the Nullarbor, from West Australia to South Australia, it turns out, actually was quite an adventure.

Anticipating driving across the Nullarbor - the longest road trip ever

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In a few days time we will start the longest drive of my life. We will leave Esperance, WA and drive over 4,000km to Bundaberg, QLD. That’s the equivalent of driving from London to Mumbai (but crossing one country instead of 12).