The Tailors of Hoi An

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It doesn’t take long in Asia for the average westerner to feel enormous. The average Asian body shape is simply more slender than the ever-growing western shape. You quickly learn that cries of “This good size for you” are not to be trusted and you need the largest size of trousers. 
So, what should you do if you are in desperate need of some new threads while in Asia? Definitely head to Hoi An and get yourself to a tailor!

Highlights of Little India, Singapore

Singapore’s colourful Little India can seem like a chaotic attack on the senses with bursts of colour, noise and fragrance greeting you around each corner. This vibrancy is key to the area’s identity, making it feel like you have stepped onto a street in Delhi, and makes Little India a unique stop on any trip to Singapore.

How travel can enhance your career

You should never be afraid to explain a period of travel on your CV. Traditionalists might argue that travel will damage career prospects but I beg to differ. Travel puts you outside your comfort zone and exposes you to all sorts of new and foreign experiences. Here are the ways travel can enhance your CV.

Why you should visit Banteay Srei

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One of the less well-known temples of the ancient Angkor complex, Banteay Srei offers an interesting contrast to the typical architecture found at Angkor. The pretty little temple is a short distance further from Siem Reap than most of the other temples, but is definitely worth the extra effort.

Things to do in Cairns

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Many people visit Cairns simply to access the Great Barrier Reef and spend little time exploring other nearby localities. The reef is incredible, and is a definite must-see for all visitors to Australia. However, there are also many other attractions in and around Cairns that should also not be missed in this very special part of the world.
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