Things to do in Cairns

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Many people visit Cairns simply to access the Great Barrier Reef and spend little time exploring other nearby localities. The reef is incredible, and is a definite must-see for all visitors to Australia. However, there are also many other attractions in and around Cairns that should also not be missed in this very special part of the world.

Angkor Thom - An Ancient city in ruins

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While Angkor Wat is the most famous of the ancient ruins at Angkor, there is also an enormous historical city. Featuring a royal palace, a Buddhist temple, the terrace of elephants, four impressive gateways and incredible bas-relief carvings, Angkor Thom is not to be missed.

Saint Remy de Provence - the essence of Provence

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For the ultimate Provencal experience you can’t surpass Saint Remy de Provence. From the tree-lined boulevard leading into town to the charming historic buildings, magnificent local produce and reputation for having inspired Impressionist genius Vincent Van Goph, there really are lots of things to do in Saint Remy de Provence.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

One of the most famous temples in South East Asia, and arguably the world, Angkor Wat is best visited at sunrise. Inspired by the countless photos of the temple silhouetted against glowing skies, we opted to do just that and were not disappointed.

Kampong Glam - Singapore's Arab Quarter

I was surprised to find so much of Istanbul in Singapore; in one specific area of the city, to be exact. Kampong Glam, also known as ‘Arab Street’ is the area that was originally settled by Malay immigrants and, as such, is the muslim centre of Singapore and many immigrants from other countries have since set up business there, including Turks.

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