Gifts that travellers will thank you for

Travellers are difficult to buy presents for. Long-term travellers and short-term expats tend to seek to keep the amount of personal stuff to a minimum. So, what are the best gifts for travellers?

Taking photos goes hand in hand with travelling. Nothing is more frustrating though than a camera declaring its memory card is full. Find out what sort of memory card your traveller’s camera takes and get them a shiny new high capacity one.

It doesn’t sound sexy but storing all those photos is important, as well as other documents, files and data generally. Flash drives are handy and portable hard drives are essential. So there is data storage to suit every budget. 

There was once a time when a book was a traveller’s best friend on a long journey, but now that kindles exist, travellers can take over 3,000 books on a journey. Kindles can also access the internet using wi-fi and 3G on certain models. Books are great, but not in terms of luggage allowance. If the price of a Kindle is more than you wanted to spend how about an Amazon voucher?

Adapter plugs come in various forms, often just adapting from one region to another, but the most useful are the ones that adapt any region into others. After living overseas for a while you quickly build up a collection of electronics which each have different plugs – so annoying!

If the traveller you are buying for is backpacking…

A small torch can be invaluable when sharing accommodation with other people and their sleeping schedules. A mini torch with a keyring attached makes it easily locatable in the dark.

Most people are not naturally multilingual so appreciate a bit of help with languages. There are lots of language guides available but who wants to buy a book for each language you might meet on a trip? The 30 words language guide for travellers offers 30 words in an assortment of languages all in one pocket-sized guide.

There are several companies offering international SIM cards which work in several different countries and which you can pre load with credit so that your traveller can always be in touch, wherever they end up.

What could be more perfect than giving a traveller the gift of travel? If you earn airmiles through shopping or a credit card scheme the easiest gift you could give is to transfer your airmiles to the travellers account. If you are not part of any such scheme you can normally purchase miles for your traveller too.

Travellers – what would you like to find in your stocking?

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