Montmartre Street Art

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Street art thrives in Paris' Montmartre district, where the famous staircases and smaller streets are given an edgy feel by the colour, feeling, celebration and wit expressed by street artists from far and wide.

The art comes in all forms: paintings, stencils, pasted prints, mosaics and 3D casts. The following works were all photographed in 2020. I have decided not to give precise locations of the works, as I think seeking them out adds to the magic. Also, street art is constantly evolving and not around forever and, while it is sad to see a favourite work go, it definitely keeps things fresh. Indeed, no two walks around Montmartre are ever the same. 

I have linked to the artists webpages, where I could find them. If you like what you see, why not check out more from the artists? (Incidentally, if you are one of these artists and prefer I link to a different site, use the 'contact me' tab above to let me know!) 

Montmartre-based artist Gregos creates 3D models expressing his feelings and has shared 1000 faces on the walls of various cities. It won't be long before you spot one in Montmartre. 



Miss Tic is another Paris artist that has been adding to the city's street art since 1985. Her brunettes with clever slogans, and red and black colour scheme, are easily recognised.


Graffiti cat M. Le Chat is frequently positioned on chimneys and high points of buildings, and depicted with wings. So don't forget to look up!


Pop graffiti (a mixture of pop art and graffiti art) has also arrived in Montmartre, thanks to Jo Di Bona. His Montmartre works include a portrait of Michael Jackson, and a three-part fresco celebrating Music Hall greats Mistinguett, Dalida and Edith Piaf. Among other works, he has also created tributes to the victims of terrorist attacks.


Melissa Perre combines stencils and gorgeous collages in her colourful creations that often feature black and white images from Hollywood's golden era and cultural references.  


Often sharing positive messages, this work by Polar Bear Stencils depicts a quiet moment of learning for a child but works frequently convey political messages through characters engaged in some form of action.


If you like stamps, C Plus S's use of stencils of young ladies overlaid on a background of stamps will grab your attention. Often only 40cm ish in size, and tucked away discretely, these works are eyecatching for a few reasons! I really like the use of stamps.


The End of Animals shares cute stencils of animals with a bleak message. The animals are often situated where you might find them in real life. This kiwi was poking around at ground level. It pays to keep an eye on things at street-level (literally).


Artist Juliette B'Art shares her bright and postive images of hearts in the belief we should 'Do things with your heart to make the world a better place.' 


Multiple versions of artist A2's small mosaic hearts with an 'A' for anarchy can be seen around Montmartre, but there is also this anarchist version of Steinlen's famous Chat Noir.


Montmartre's resident tattoo artist Mast Cora also contributes to the local street art with some bright and huge frescoes. The tattoo shop is also one of the most colourful shopfronts in the area.


Marseille-based street artist Laurier Street has also left her mark on Montmartre, using highly detailed stencils to create texture in her images, such as this lion's mane.


French artist Carole B often celebrates women in her work, including Simone Veil, who is recognised as a champion of women's rights, having legalised abortion in France.


Another artist working in 3D moulding, Zorm Zorm makes chimpanzee heads in vibrant colours, which can often be found near street name signs. Again, remember to look up!


Shatters is a street artist creating mosaics made up of broken pieces of coloured glass, including this rather handsome, and much photographed, crocodile. 


Intricately detailed black and white portraits from artist Aydar are bursting with cultural symbols, flowers, and patterning that resembles henna artwork.


Line Street Art brings some fun to hidden corners with stencil images of colourful creatures with big eyes.


Swed Oner's black and white portraits highlight individuals and everyone has golden halos as a symbol of equality. His work is often based around understanding, and links between the past and our current world. In the case of this much-loved painting in Montmartre, a traditional figure looks blissful. 

Romantic souls will be enchanted by the work of In Love which are line drawings featuring little black outlined red hearts. 


Images of animals by Paris-based artist Saxartwork are intended to highlight the plight of endangered animals. The works are in eye-catching neon colours and striking black outlining, and the animals seem to be looking right at you. 

Artist Codex Urbanus creates monochrome line drawings of imaginary creatures by combining images of different existing creatures which are referenced in latin beneath the image, such as this pteropus manis (flying fox / pangolin combo). 

And, of course, Invader was Here...

This is a list of some of my favourite works of street art in Montmartre (in 2020!) Are yours on this list? If not, let me know in the comments!