When the Season Ends

Inevitably, at the end of the Mediterranean summer, the season comes to a close. Have you ever been somewhere on holiday and thought ‘I wish I lived here’? You are not alone. Increasingly people are moving overseas, but if your dream destination is a bustling summer resort, it is worth considering, what are these glorious resorts like off season?

When you visit a tourist centre or resort during the peak season it will be a thriving, busy place. There are endless options of bars and restaurants open, shops and of course the weather is reliably glorious. Seasonal destinations are usually seasonal for a reason. These seasons primarily follow the weather, but there are other things to consider too:

When there are fewer tourists about there is often less work available. So it is important to remember, especially if you work in the tourism industry, that there may be little or no work available off-season. If your chances of finding work off-season are slim, will you earn and save enough during the season, to enable you to pay your (probably higher) bills during winter?

Spend your summers working as a diving instructor

Ghost Towns
Resorts are very different places off-season. Many businesses close during the low season. Your favourite restaurants, cafes and bars may not operate. Various services may stop for a while and transport options may become very limited. Resorts can start to feel like ghost towns. What will you do until the next season begins?  For some it will be an opportunity to get on with a project, but for others, have you got enough hobbies to keep you busy, or might you go a little crazy?

Is there anybody out there?
Working in seasonal resorts tends to be full on and flat out hard work for the duration of the season, so many people take time between seasons to take holidays and visit family and friends elsewhere. If you choose not to or perhaps can’t afford to, you may find yourself feeling like the only person there, while even the locals are away. You may appreciate the quiet and slower pace but if you prefer company this is definitely something to be aware of. 
Mid season madness - NONE of these people stayed in the resort for winter
Living and working in a resort can be fantastic fun and hugely rewarding but it can also be challenging at times. If you appreciate both the peak season and the off-season in a resort you will love it. If not you may want to think carefully before taking the plunge.

Have you ever lived in a resort area? How did you find it?