Top 5 things to do in Monaco

Monaco marina, Palace behind
Monaco is the notorious playspot of the rich and famous. But it is also a bit of a mysterious place. Wondering what there is to do in Moncao? Rest assured, there's plenty to do even if you are not lucky enough to own a yacht.

Monaco’s casino is world famous. The gambling rooms are only open to non-residents of Monaco and a strict smart dress code applies. One sniff of a pair of scruffy jeans and you won't cross the threshold. I (or rather, my partner) speak from experience!

Prince’s Palace
Set on the hilltop above most of Monaco the Prince’s palace is a working palace, but the state rooms are open to the public in the summer. At night-time the palace is illuminated. It is a nice (albeit steep) walk up to the palace with a great view over Monaco from the top.

Oceanograpic Museum & Aquarium
Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is an imposing building rising from the rock of the Cliffside looking out into the Mediterranean. It contains all sorts of marine-related artifacts as well as the preserved remains of many marine creatures. Beneath the museum is an aquarium containing a remarkable array of fish, including some nemos who I'd say are a long way from home.

Monaco Aquarium

Yacht walk
Monaco is a magnet for the rich and famous and as such, there are usually a lot of flash yachts to admire in the marina. Take a walk and decide which one you'll buy when you win the lottery ('when' not 'if' - think positive!)

Evening drink overlooking the marina
There are plenty of bars and cafes around Monaco in which to enjoy a drink and several overlook the marina which seems especially peaceful at night-time.