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Expat Blogs

Grounded Traveler 
An American in Germany writing about the expat lifestyle. Get beyond the glamour and read about daily life in Western Europe — the demands, challenges and fears of putting down roots in a foreign country and still seeing the world.

Living abroad and sharing the good, the less good and the just plain odd.

In Search of a Life Less Ordinary
The journey of a British expat looking for a different way of living to the hum drum 9-5 routine in the UK. Moving through three continents with two dogs and the entire contents of a three-bedroom house, follow his adventures in making a home away from home. 

Travel Blogs

Amy and Kieron are two travelers currently on long-term travel adventure that began in Hawaii on 26 July 2011.

Bacon is Magic
Ayngelina left a great job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America and is now traveling the world.

Jack and Jill Travel the World
Traveling the world one mis-adventure at a time. Their next big campaign starts April 2011. Follow them as they search the world for (mis)adventures.

Tour Absurd 
the travel, photo, humor, and inspiration blog of an American overseas.

Backpacking New Zealand
exploring the unknown and offering advice and inspiration to the budget conscious traveler or backpacker with a focus on backpacking in New Zealand.

Fevered Mutterings
Writer, dude, klutz, ignoramus, enthusiast, traveling disaster. Mistakes are medals: I'm highly decorated.

Turkey's for Life
A blog about things to do in Fethiye and other parts of Turkey. Turkish food, recipes, travel, daily life.

Chicky Bus
Travel addict (solo/backpacker), memoir writer and ESL teacher who enjoys being off the beaten path...and in the moment.

Ordinary Traveler 
Two professional photographers who love to travel & surf. We give tips on photography, budget travel and building a location independent business.

Traveling Canucks
Traveling Canucks is a site dedicated to travel, adventure and world discovery. Tune in for fun travel stories, interesting travel tips, photographs and video of two Canadians exploring our world!

Connie has lived in Istanbul, sailed the Mediterranean, slept in a Bedouin cave inside the Petra mountains, belly-danced in the streets of Cairo, learned a lost meditation technique in India, trekked the mountains of the Himalayas and volunteered in Thailand and is currently calling Hong Kong home.

10 Year Itch - India Travel Blog
On their 10th anniversary, Madhu &  Savi went off on a multi-year trip through India with their beloved golden retriever, Shayna. Today, they are helping fellow travelers design their dream India vacation.

Gogobot is harnessing the power of the social web to revolutionize travel. Get travel advice from your friends rather than anonymous internet sources.

Wandering Earl
Earl left home in 1999 for a 3-month trip to Southeast Asia, and over 11 years later, that trip has still yet to end.

Sharing travel tips and experiences so you can get out there and experience the best the world has to offer.
Anil Polat is a full time traveler from Turkey blogging his way through every country in the world.

An Aussie on the journey of a lifetime. Living and working the world over looking for fun, friends and a cold beer all in the name of the ultimate story.

A Food, Drink & Culture Guide compiled from travel stories and practical information.

Raymond is attempting to shake the shackles of his former corporate life and escape through travel. He focuses on the upbeat and offbeat, and the humorous side of travel - because the best travel companion is a good sense of humour.

The blog of a disgruntled journalism student keen to travel the world.

Traveling with a redheaded temperament.

Jason & Aracely Castellani share HD adventure travel videos, travel pictures and independent backpacking budget travel tips.

on the road since June 2009, Laurence shares his travels through words and photography with a dash of humour for good measure 

Jade International
Jade's collection of thoughts, memories and adventures as she experiences the world

Woman Seeks World
Nicole's journey to location independence, as well as information on moving abroad and travelling the world

Backpacker Banter
Chris is a surfer, photographer and traveller currently plotting his next round the world trip

Evaser Vagabond Blog
Evaser is a lifestyle site and blog about long term around the world travel.

Jessie on a Journey
Online magazine exploring budget, adventure and culture around the world.

The Planet D
Adventure couple. Travel, photography, writing and blogging their way around the world. 

Beers and Beans
A Photographer and a journalist travel the world in search of the unusual, the mundane, the beautiful and the forgotten. 


Travel in style on a budget - travel tips for glamorous global adventures.

Nomadic Samuel
Miles away from ordinary 

Smiling faces travel photos

Daily smiling faces from around the world

That Backpacker
Audrey's around the world travel blog

Backpacking travel blog
Audrey and Samuel backpack around the world 

A Travellers Journey
Nico's backpacking travel site 

The Mellyboo Project
Twenty-something female travel, travel tips and guides, inspiration, photos and more from wanderings around the world

Flavor of San Diego
Christy and Scott share everything they are passionate about eating in San Diego.

Outstanding Place List
The ultimate list of outstanding places.

Our Oyster
Jade is a Canadian expat who blogs about budget travel, destination guides, tour reviews, and family travel tips 

Travelwkly is a blog covering travel destinations around the world.

Top destinations around the world

Travel Venu
Travel experiences from around the world 

A kiwi and a pom travelling the world and sharing our adventures and travel tips.

"Pack light, travel far and live long" is the motto describing the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog.

All About Abroad
Travel blog detailing the experiences of three young Londoners

Travel With Mates
Travel blog about the unbeatable experience of travelling with your mates

The Longest Way Home
Dave's long term travel blog

Como Viajar Por El Mundo
Spanish travel site

Travelling Blogger
Restless wanderer Kar shares his travel adventures

A Travel Couple
Two travellers who combine their love for travelling and having drinks in as many places as possible

Travelling with me
One man, One World, A million experiences…and a few beers along the way

Trip Temptation
Multi-faceted website showcasing the amazing possibilities of travel 

Universal Traveller 
Tim's blog tells of his adventures as he fulfils his dream of travelling to every country and meeting people around the world 

Cycling El Mundo
An ordinary couple who decided to ride their bicycles around the world on an epic adventure to fulfil their dreams and further global understanding.  

Global Girl Travels
Journalist and photographer Jessica Peterson introduces lesser-known destinations while sharing travel tips to save time and money. 

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